Case Mastering is a boutique mastering room that uses the finest in analog and digital technology.

The studio features a linear, full-range monitoring system in a customized, acoustically-tuned space.



As a musician and music fanatic from a young age, Trevor has been an active audio professional since 1998. He has worked as a composer, recording engineer, live sound technician, mix engineer and currently operates a mastering studio in Western Canada. His soundtrack and remix work has been recognized internationally, and he has produced a successful radio advertisement sound bed CD that has been in constant commercial use for almost 20 years. Trevor began mastering professionally in 2003, and while he still does some mixing and consultation, mastering constitutes the vast majority of his work.

Trevor’s current studio is a no-compromise mastering facility with a carefully selected array of boutique analog equipment, premier digital tools, high-resolution monitoring, and an excellent sounding room acoustically tuned by GIK Acoustics in Atlanta, GA. He has the opportunity to work with a varied clientele base, spanning all musical genres and experience levels.

Trevor’s mastering credits include projects featuring artists such as Pentatonix, Jon Batiste, Diane Warren,  Orgy, Rita Ora, Call Me Karizma, Missy Elliot, Troye Sivan, Mario, Kelly Clarkson, Alessia Cara, Trinidad James, Dweezil Zappa, Doc Walker, Divinity Roxx, Jonathan Davis, Adam Gregory, The Steadies, Friends of Foes, VBRTR, Jay & Jo, Alex Bent + the Emptiness, Erika Jayne, and many more.



  • Conversion

  • • Apogee Symphony I/O MKII System

  • Monitoring

    • Custom Tyler Acoustics Decade D1x Full Range Monitors
    • Emotiva XPA-2 Amplifier
    • Trinnov Audio ST2 PRO Acoustic and Metering Processor
    • ZMF Vérité Closed Headphones

  • Console

    • Maselec MTC-1 Mastering Transfer Console

  • Equalizers

    • Buzz Audio REQ-2.2 ME
    • Gyraf Audio Gyratec XIV
    • Dangerous BAX
    • Kush Audio Clariphonic
    • High Voltage Audio EQ-6S

  • Dynamics

    • Elysia Alpha Mastering Compressor
    • Thermionic Culture Phoenix Mastering Plus
    • Rupert Neve Designs Portico II Master Buss Processor

  • Metering

    • TC Electronic Clarity M Stereo and 5.1 Audio Loudness Meter
    • Dorrough Model 40-C2 Loudness Monitor
    • Izotope Insight

  • Special Processing

    • Black Box Analog Design HG-2 – Custom modified by Eric Racy and Robert Wainscott

  • Digital Processing

    • Brainworx, Fabfilter, Elysia, Oeksound, Acustica Audio, Kush Audio, Plugin Alliance,
        Stillwell Audio, Izotope, Sonnox, Fielding DSP, Klanghelm and SPL

  • DAW Processing

    • Logic Pro X
    • Izotope RX Advanced
    • Presonus Studio One Pro

  • Master Assembly

    • DSP Quattro
    • HOFA CD-Burn.DDP.Master Pro
    • Steinberg Wavelab

  • Acoustic Design & Room Tuning

    • GIK Acoustics, Atlanta, GA

  • Desk

    • Custom Modified Sterling Modular Plan E